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  • MIchele A. Aeck BS MS PhD

Give someone a special Valentine in February!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

When I tell someone, I am a health coach, they often respond by asking,

“So, what exactly do you do?”

The short answer is that I will support you in achieving optimal health and wellness through lifestyle and behavior changes.

Whether you want to lose weight, reduce stress, time management, or have more energy, find your strengths, I will provide the education, tools, and support to empower you to take charge of your well-being on a daily basis.

My coaching practice focuses on supporting clients in three key areas:

1. Exploring your goals and needs

2. Identifying your “why”

3. Serving as your accountability partner to help you create lasting change

I do not recommend one-size-fits-all diet or exercise plans. And I do not dictate your goals or objectives or solve your problems.

Why? Because Dimensions of You is a person-centered process.

This means you are the ultimate decision-maker. I am a mentor, a partner, and your greatest ally on the path to wellness. My goal is for you to take charge and become your own expert when it comes to living a healthy and happy life.

Think of me as your inner strength coach. I ask a lot of questions and listen objectively, without judgment, to understand your issues and concerns. I help you discover why you want to make changes and what is holding you back.

I then assist you in crafting your own solutions and staying true to the goals you set for yourself, supporting you unconditionally and empowering you to tap into your values, wisdom, and determination to achieve lasting results.

Most people know what they need to do to be healthy, and they simply don’t do it. I can help you to start now. Do you have a referral or know someone that you would like to give that special Valentine to? Let us know!


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