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  • MIchele A. Aeck BS MS PhD

Tips for Waking Up in the Middle of the Night: How You Can Sleep Better

Make some lifestyle changes.

You can limit your caffeine and alcohol, play around with your room temperature, and stop drinking liquids at a certain time to prevent these sleep disturbances.

Sit up.

Thoughts can be scarier and less rational when we are lying down, which makes sense because we're more vulnerable when we're in a sleeping position. Sitting up brings back our rational mind and psychological defenses.

Write it down.

Grab a pen and some paper and leave a notebook and pen on your nightstand. Write down the ideas that pop into your head, you won’t keep yourself awake worrying about whether you’ll remember in the morning. Most of what you come up with isn’t going to be as important as it seems when you’re lying down.

Say no to screen time before bed.

The idea is that you tuck your phone in its own bed before retiring to yours, allowing you both to “recharge” overnight.

Cultivate calm.

For a good night's rest, your best bet is creating a soothing space for a sound sleep. Meditating can really help too. If doing it on your own is a no-go, there are meditation apps you can download.

Just stay awake.

Here’s a weird thing to say, sometimes it's just worth powering through and staying awake to start your day. For example, if you woke within an hour of the time that you need to be up, dozing in and out of sleep for long periods in the morning will make you feel worse than waking up too early, according to Janet Kennedy, PhD, a clinical psychologist. So…best wishes for having that restful good night’s sleep ZZZZZZ


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