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The Six Dimensions of Wellness

Mindfully focusing on wellness in our lives builds resilience and enables us to thrive amidst life’s challenges.  My role as a coach is to offer support as you take intentional action toward conscious creation of the life you desire!


Emotional health is a dimension about how we think and feel. It is about our sense of wellbeing, our ability to cope with life events and how we acknowledge and accept our own emotions as well as those around us. It is the expression and management of our feelings that helps us to cope and thrive in relationships.  

Discover various emotions when they arise. This enables you to name them and process them in beneficial ways creating a healthy curiosity. It is finding your balance in life.



Physical health and well-being promote a dimension of proper care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning. There are many dimensions of physical wellness that all must be cared for together.


Overall physical wellness encourages the balance of physical activity, healthful nutrition, sleep, and mental well-being to keep your body in top condition and free from disease. We can then live a truly robust life.



Social health is a dimension that can be defined as our ability to interact and form meaningful relationships with others. It also relates to how comfortably we can adapt in social situations. 


Social relationships can have an impact on our mental health, physical health, and mortality risk. It helps us to recognize and engage with interconnectedness with others for the betterment of the community.



Spiritual health provides us with dimensions of faith, beliefs, values, ethics, principles, and morals. A healthy spiritual practice may include examples of volunteerism, social contributions, belonging to a group, fellowship, optimism, forgiveness, and expressions of compassion.  


It includes a purposeful life, transcendence and actualization of different dimensions and capacities of human beings. It epitomizes our heart and soul that establishes the meaning of life for each of us.



Occupational health is a dimension that recognizes your creative abilities and finds ways to expand your knowledge and skills. It is your personal enrichment and engagement with work, including finances, that is meaningful and rewarding.


Occupational wellness is a component of health care made up of multiple facets dedicated to the well-being of workplace issues. 



Intellectual health is a dimension of wellness that encourages creative and stimulating mental activities. An intellectually well person uses the resources available to expand knowledge, improve skills, and create potential for sharing with others.


Engaging in activities that stimulate and challenge mental faculties to enhance mental fitness is part of intellectual wellness.

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